Liver Cancer


Early liver cancer does not cause any symptoms. Large liver cancer may cause upper abdominal pain, abdominal distension, yellowish discoloration, anemia, and fatigue.


Liver cancer may cause abnormal blood tests. A tumor marker called alpha-fetal protein (AFP) may be elevated. The diagnosis may be confirmed by ultrasonography, CT scan or MRI scan. Patients with chronic hepatitis B, cirrhosis caused by alcoholism, chronic hepatitis C or other chronic liver disease have a higher risk of liver cancer.

Treatment of Liver Cancer

Treatment options of liver cancer are surgical resection, liver transplantation, percutaneous alcohol injection, radiofrequency ablation, transarterial chemoembolization, radiotherapy and target therapy.

Prevention and Screening

Hepatitis B vaccine is safe and effective in prevention of hepatitis B infection. Excessive alcohol drinking should be avoided.

If you have cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis B, regular screening for liver cancer by checking alpha-fetal protein and ultrasonography can help to find out treatable liver cancer early.